Online Casinos Gaming Entertainment Ltd. offers yoga health program

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Online Casinos Gaming Entertainment Ltd. is an white label online casino operator from The Netherlands who are successfully running different online casinos all around Europe. Their main markets are Holland, Germany, France and Spain. Online casinos Entertainment Ltd. started operating around 2012. The company was founded by 3 former colleagues who worked together at other igaming companies.

Introduction into what Online Casinos Gaming Entertainment does?

Online casinos gaming entertainment is working in a very competitive market but with their tech first approach they manage to stay ahead of the curb. They basically offer websites with casino games like Blackjack, Roulette and video slots. They also offer poker and bingo on our websites. They offer casino’s online that have the best game providers on site. They work together with NetEnt, Microgaming and Yggdrasil to give their players the best gaming experience possible. Very popular slots that their players enjoy are the likes of Starburst, Piggy Riches and Vikings go Bezerk.


How they got in touch with Taozenchi

Because their motto is that the employees are the backbone of our organisation they want them to perform optimal. Especially because the online casino industry is a cut throat business and there is a lot of pressure on the employees. Stress levels can increase significantly because of that. Because the saying goes in Latin: Mens sana in corpore sano they also want to implement this motto into their organisation. They want all their employees to be healthy and fit. Obviously they can’t force their employees to do anything but they got in touch with Taozenchi to see what they could regarding offering free yoga classes and/or offer free instruction manuals into practising yoga. They provided all their employees with a complementary yoga mat as well.

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Health project between Online Casinos Gaming Entertainment and Taozenchi

So after a few meetings they decided to partner up together and we came to an agreement that we will work together and offer the best yoga services to their employees. When online casinos gaming entertainment broke the news to their staff everybody got really excited. They really embraced and loved the fact that we are so engaged with their health and mental well-being so we got a great response and feedback. Almost 90 percent of their staff went and used the free yoga classes and almost 70 percent also ordered yoga books that we then provided to them.

End results and employee satisfaction?

We reevaluated our partnership after 6 months to see what the results were and they were amazing. They did a survey among their employees and almost 80 percent of all the participants mentioned that they feel much better mentally and physically. They felt way more rested and they mentioned an increase in productivity on the job. Also their family clearly benefited from the fact that they were more physically active. A general health benefit was concluded out of the survey and we also so a growth in revenues and overall productivity levels.

They are seeing an overall company growth of around 10 percent on a monthly basis and They are one of the leaders in the Dutch market when it comes to offering online casinos to Dutch players. We believe that this successful partnership has helped their company grow in the online gambling industry and they are looking forward to extending this partnership so they can grow as a company and they can do this with safeguarding the mental and physical health of their employees.