Holland Bike Shop; tough guys also deserve to relax

holland bike shop review

The Holland Bike Shop is a shop where you can get your bike fixed in Delft, the Netherlands. It’s true what you may be thinking, the guys that work here are real tough guys. And that is necessary. They don’t just fixed bicycles for little girls; most of the times they are working on Harley`s, as they call them. This requires a lot of physical work and is often quite exhausting. Even to guys who are as tough as the Holland Bike Shop employees. That’s why the boss went looking for a new way to let his mechanics relax and release the stress.

Christmas gift baskets

In the Netherlands it’s quite common for employers to give their employees gift baskets for Christmas. They call this the ‘Kerstpakket’, meaning nothing more than Christmas package. It’s a nice way to show your employees some appreciation during the holiday season. Most employers just request a predefined basket from a specialized company. The problem with this concept is that the basket is usually full of stuff that nobody uses and ends up being a waste of money. A lot of companies understand this and have moved to different options, like giving employees a voucher that they can spend in certain stores. However, this wasn’t good enough for the owner of the Holland Bike Shop. He knew that his employees were too proud and manly to use such vouchers for wellness purposes and that is why he took matters into his own hands. His neighbour had just been to India and told him about Tao Zenchi and what we had done for her. After hearing her story and feeling her aura he knew what he had to do.

A years’ worth of yoga lessons

It just so happened that Christmas was right around the corner and our favourite bike shop owner found the time to get in touch with us. Together we decided that the best option was to provide his employees, and their partners, with the possibility to participate in our yoga classes from the comfort of their own home. We broadcast all our classes for our students abroad and those who want to, can even use a webcam so that the teacher can see them and give them advice as well. This way it is as if they are here with us in India. We have been doing it for a while now and it has been working great so far. Our newest customer decided to offer all of his employees a years’ worth of lessons instead of the usual Kerstpakket. When he told his tough guys there was a lot of resistance. And when he told them that he’d pay for an all-expenses paid trip to India for the person that participated most actively, they all laughed in his face. That is, until the next day.

Partners are invited as well

Our favourite bike shop owner had told his mechanics something else. The trip to India would not just be for the winner, but also for his partner. So as much as the employees had made fun of their boss the day before, they all came back with their tail between their legs the next day. Because all of their girlfriends desperately wanted to win this trip. We guess it’s true what they say, tough guys like girls that they can pamper. And so all hell broke loose. Or at least in the competition. Every one of the 15 mechanics started practicing yoga as if their lives depended on it. They even try to top each other’s webcams by buying better models than their colleagues. Irony has it that the guy that won the trip in the end doesn’t even have a girlfriend and just trained with his old webcam. He did have a girl he wanted to impress and so he did. All of his colleagues got much more zen. Because after the competition was over, they all agreed that it had been the best year of their lives. Despite the friendly competition, they had felt much better both mentally and physically after the lessons. So it was no surprise to hear that they all wanted to continue. Even without any prize at the end.