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Struggling with poses

Everyone will find, at some point in their yoga practice, that there’s something they “just can’t do”. That’s how it feels, anyway. But stop and ask yourself what you’re really saying. You can go on the internet and find all sorts of images of people of all sizes, shapes and ages doing any yoga pose…

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One of the things I hear a lot is people complaining that meditation doesn’t work for them. It always seems a little self-defeatist: if you’re trying to make it a part of your life, but you’re already sure that you suck, then you’re bound to fail. The thing is, meditation isn’t something you do. You…

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Yoga for everyone

Often as a teacher I’ve come across people who don’t think yoga will be a good fit for them. Some worry about the spiritual aspect conflicting with their prior beliefs, while others just worry about whether they’re physically fit enough to keep up. The thing is: yoga is for you. It doesn’t matter where you…

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